Product Warranty and Return

Product Warranty

All LED products of our store are covered by warranty of two (2) years. Power supplies, Led strips and accessories are covered by warranty of one (1) year. This warranty, in all cases does not cover damage caused by misuse, improper handling, wrong connection, voltage difference, short circuit, humidity, fire, high or low temperature, weather conditions (flooding, exposure to sun, lightning, etc.). The warranty does not provide any right of compensation beyond the repair or replacement of the product on manufacture's choice. Any extra expenses are not acceptable.

Order Cancellation

The orders are shipped within 1-3 days. Cancelation of an order can be made within 24 hours of submission and if your order is not yet processed, either by telephone or through email to

Returns - Changes

Changes of products are accepted within 14 calendar days from date of purchase upon presentation of the relevant document (receipt or purchase invoice) and if the product is in its original packaging without damage, losses or other lesions. We reserve the right not to accept return of products purchased by special order. In any other case returning will not be accepted and products will be returned to sender with expenses on sender’s account.

  • For products covered by warranty, costs for return of a product in our warehouse are charged to the customer, while the cost of shipping of the repaired or new product covered by our company.
  • In case of an incorrect delivery by fault of our company, we will cover all costs for shipping.
  • Improper order by customer's fault, all shipping costs must be covered by customer.

If you wish to return a product or an order, please use the form below.

Product return form